Colostral fat is vital for newborn lambs

Colostrum is a complex biological liquid formed in the ewe’s udder prior to lambing. It contains a large number of essential ingredients that are important for getting lambs off to a good start. Important elements naturally found in colostrum are globulin protein, colostrum fat, nutrients, growth factors and growth hormones.

While the main function of colostrum from the ewe is to provide globulin protein to her lambs, the other major function is to provide energy. The most important nutrient that enables this is colostral fat, which provides a unique source of energy that allows new-borns to maintain their body temperature.

At birth approximately 5% of the lamb’s body fat is “brown fat”. Brown fat metabolises colostral fat to produce energy in the form of heat. New-born lambs especially those that have had a difficult birth and those exposed to cold, wet, or windy weather, are at risk of suffering from hypothermia, and colostral fat is their best source of energy. The ingestion of colostral fat has long term benefits as it initiates fat metabolism pathways in the liver that are important for long term growth. Colostral fat also carries the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Ensuring lambs have rapid access to a quality source of colostrum at birth is vital for their survival. If the ewe is unable to provide sufficient quality colostrum then a colostrum supplement must be considered. A colostrum supplement should deliver globulin protein to the lamb while still maintaining naturally high levels of colostral fat, growth factors, hormones, vitamins and minerals critical to lamb survival.

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