March Calf Milk Offer

Take advantage of this fantastic March offer – buy a pallet of milk powder* and receive a FREE calf health bucket worth £50!

The bucket includes:

  • Weigh band
  • Thermometer
  • Whisk
  • Refractometer for testing colostrum

Maternal colostrum contains antibodies, growth factors, colostral fat, antimicrobials, nutrients and over 200 elements that are integral to establishing an optimal start to life. Colostrum is vital to build an immune system to deal with its environment, to grow and develop to achieve its full genetic potential. Therefore it is important that we test maternal colostrum so we can be sure calves get the best start in life, hand-held refractometers measure total protein and are a convenient, simple on-farm tool to monitor colostrum quality.

For more information please call Clare Lawson (Calf & Youngstock product manager) on: 07393147509 or Julia Wadeson (Calf Specialist) on: 07826891533

*This offer only applies to Vitality, Creamy Calf, Bloom, Maximum, Whisk and Astralac. Must be purchased between 1st – 31st March 2020.


Colostral fat is vital for newborn lambs

Colostrum is a complex biological liquid formed in the ewe’s udder prior to lambing. It contains a large number of essential ingredients that are important for getting lambs off to a good start. Important elements naturally found in colostrum are globulin protein, colostrum fat, nutrients, growth factors and growth hormones.

While the main function of colostrum from the ewe is to provide globulin protein to her lambs, the other major function is to provide energy. The most important nutrient that enables this is colostral fat, which provides a unique source of energy that allows new-borns to maintain their body temperature.

At birth approximately 5% of the lamb’s body fat is “brown fat”. Brown fat metabolises colostral fat to produce energy in the form of heat. New-born lambs especially those that have had a difficult birth and those exposed to cold, wet, or windy weather, are at risk of suffering from hypothermia, and colostral fat is their best source of energy. The ingestion of colostral fat has long term benefits as it initiates fat metabolism pathways in the liver that are important for long term growth. Colostral fat also carries the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Ensuring lambs have rapid access to a quality source of colostrum at birth is vital for their survival. If the ewe is unable to provide sufficient quality colostrum then a colostrum supplement must be considered. A colostrum supplement should deliver globulin protein to the lamb while still maintaining naturally high levels of colostral fat, growth factors, hormones, vitamins and minerals critical to lamb survival.

Carr’s Billington SUPERSTART contains whole natural colostrum and colostral fat collected from Scottish farms. Our Colostrums therefore benefit from improved fat content which other colostrum supplements do not.

Newton Rigg College hosts Grasslands Technical Event

Top industry specialists working together on innovative practices.

A ‘Grassland Technical Event’ was held Newton Rigg College, Sewborwens Farm, where a collaborative partnership of specialists from Carrs Billington, Agrovista, CF Fertilisers and Barenbrug and attendees from the farming community met to examine topics around the effects of planning, efficiency, profitability and sustainability in forage-based livestock production.  During the past twelve months, Sewborwens Farm at Newton Rigg College hosted ongoing practical forage trials. During the day’s event, results from those trials were shared along with other potential ideas to improve efficiency to forage-based production including improvement to soil health, choosing the best grass species for farms, forage nutrient planning and efficient forage utilisation for dairy cows.

Head of Farms for Askham Bryan College, Matt Bagley, who moderated the day’s event, says “We are always reviewing and improving methods and practices that will optimise productivity for farms. Today’s discussions involved representation from all the required parties who can expertly inform on this area of agriculture.  The conclusions and actions we’ve taken away from the day about increasing efficiency and profitability were reported on and shared with our fellow industry partners and farmers to help benefit their businesses.”

Mhairi Dawson, Research and Development Manager, Barenbrug, “Barenbrug have worked with the Newton Rigg team for a number of years aiming to increase productivity and efficiency from the grass as part of their whole enterprise. With grassland making up 70% of the UK’s agricultural area, we are delighted to be able to share our knowledge with other forward thinking grassland farmers. We aim to inspire even small changes which can have significant results as part of this excellent technical event.”

Mark Holliday of Carrs Billington Agriculture said, “Carrs Billington is proud to be associated with Newton Rigg College, the exceptional management standards on this dairy unit produce a combination of high milk yields and milk soilds to help maximise the potential offered by their Arla contract. Production is achieved efficiently with optimum use of the quality home produced forages. Currently cows are averaging 35 litres per day at 4.1% butterfat, 3.28% protein. Rolling milk yield averages 10 800 l/cow and M+ 2000 litres is produced from forage. The diet is grass and maize silages, fodder beet, urea treated wheat and protein blend to feed for over M+30 litres in the TMR, with Rumen Aid 18 fed to yield in the parlour”



Molasses Blends – The Essential Ingredient – Sheep

ED&F MAN know the science behind molasses; they’ve used it to create pioneering animal feeds and industrial products for over 80 years. They blend feeds with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to create the perfect product for farmers’ needs.

Benefits include:

  • Sugar content boosts rumen function
  • Highly palatable, drives dry matter intake
  • Improves fibre digestion
  • Low substitution allows access feeding, reduces stress
  • Reduces risk of ‘Twin Lamb’ disease
  • Wide range of lick feeders and storage options available

For more information contact our Customer Service Team on: 01228 518860

Molasses Blends – The Essential Ingredient – Cattle

Unlock the full value of home-grown forage and cereal with ED&F MAN Liquid Feeds. ED&F MAN know the science behind molasses; they’ve used it to create pioneering animal feeds and industrial products for over 80 years. They blend feeds with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to create the perfect product for farmers’ needs.

Their molasses blends can be used to:

  • Add sugar to balance starch and reduce the risk of SARA
  • Drive dry matter intake
  • De-dust and eliminate ration sorting

For more information contact our Customer Service Team on: 01228 518860