Blueline Slurry pumps, Carrs Billington has you covered.

This is not a new range to Carrs Billington, but one that we have been providing to our dairy customers for several years. A reliable, hardwearing product that is the go to machine for farmers wanting high performing slurry pumping with reduced running costs.  The BLUELINE range of high pressure centrifugal pumps features a multi-channel impeller and an unique aggressive double chopping mechanism to give reliable pumping and ease of use. The range is available in a wide range of models, including; tractor driven, engine driven and direct coupled electric units. This range of pumps are ideal for those requiring a substantial head, such as with umbilical systems and adequate chopping of any material within the pumped liquid. Customers with up to 600 cows have reported great results despite heavy usage.

BLUELINE 80K Standard Features:

  • High efficiency multi channel impeller
    The Aggressive Double Chopping Mechanism
  • No auxiliary cooling requirement
  • High performance chopping system
  • Shear pin protection of cutter element
  • Twin sealing of Pump & Gearbox
  • Oil Bath between pump casing and gearbox
  • Heavy duty high quality castings
  • User serviceable wearing parts

The high-performance chopping mechanism ensures thorough maceration of slurry prior to entry into the impeller reducing the risk of blockage. Shear pin protection of the chopping mechanism and independent sealing of both gearbox and pump casings ensures long and trouble-free working life.

At our Carlisle depot we also hold a range of spare parts for servicing and maintenance.

Carrs Billington can also supply rubber covered hose suitable for a number of applications:

  • linear and travelling irrigation
  • sludge and slurry disposal
  • liquid manure handling
  • waste water distribution systems
  • heavy duty water transport


  • excellent resistance to weathering, UV and ozone
    Premium Quality Lay-Flat Hose
  • superior abrasion resistance, suitable for all ground conditions
  • no biodegradation, excellent resistance to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Minimum pressure loss, very low elongation
  • supreme adhesion level between rubber and textile reinforcement
  • very durable and hardwearing for long service life

For more information on Blueline pumps, or slurry hose, contact our machinery depots. HERE