Drying wood for the Winter

As the nights start to draw in we start to think about warming ourselves, and there is nothing more comforting than a log fire. Many people buy wood, dried, split, ready for burning, but if you are lucky enough to access to wood in the raw, here are some top tips for drying your wood:

  1. Split for speed: split wood has a greater surface area and doesn’t have the waterproof bark protecting it. Short-term, the drying process is much faster if the wood is split. Timber in-the-round will dry, just slower.
  2. Wind and sun are best: Wood exposed to wind and the sun dries fastest, so a south-facing stack in a windy position will dry in the summer quicker than a north facing sheltered spot.
  3. Give it time: Dense hardwoods generally take longer to season than softwoods, but wood with high resin levels such as pine benefit from up to two years drying time.
  4. Off the ground: Wood on the ground can get wet and rot. This rot can travel through your stack, and it is a shame to let your efforts go to waste. An old pallet underneath your stack is a cheap way of solving this issue.
  5. Rain is fine: It is more important to have your stack in a well-ventilated area, than having shelter from a bit of rain. Studies have shown that seasoned wood, once wet dries quickly it burns well. A stack in the open, but with just a roof works fine.
  6. Seasoning is king: It is crucial to season your wood fully. Wet wood can contain up to 60% moisture. When burned, much of the energy is used to evaporate this moisture. A wood with 20% less moisture will give 20% more energy. ‘Wet’ wood also releases climate-warming gases & particles, and these condense into smoke a deposit themselves onto flues and chimneys.


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