PowerGrain – Instructions For Use

PowerGrain Instructions

For best results grain needs to have a moisture content between 18-20%

Freshly harvested grain can be treated with a moisture content as low as 16%. If the grain has a lower moisture content than required, add 10 litres of water per tonne of grain to raise the moisture content 1%.

You will need to bruise, or crack, the grain before mixing in the PowerGrain.

Once the PowerGrain has been kixed you need to store the grain, no higher than 2.5 metres, avoiding compaction, and seal it. Minimising compaction allows the gasses from the chemical reactions taking place to circulate through the grain freely. Sealing the grain as tightly as possible stops these gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

After two weeks the process will be complete and the cover needs to be removed. As long as the grain is kept dry it will keep until fed.

PowerGrain is made up of two components – PowerGrain Enzyme and PowerGrain Booster. Per 1 metric tonne of grain add 5kg PowerGrain Enzyme 15kg Booster.

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Disclaimer: In order for the additive to work, you must follow the recommended dosage rates and ensure the dosing equipment is calibrated correctly prior to use. The use of additives cannot be expected to overcome adverse weather conditions, poor feeding-out procedures, incorrect dosing rates, poor or inadequate sealing and soil or slurry contamination and is therefore not warranted again these poor practices and conditions. If unsure of applications rates or methods, please seek advice.