Why Choose PowerGrain

PowerGrain is a unique, concentrated blend of beneficial enzymes for treating grain used to feed dairy and beef cattle. Here’s why you should choose it:

  • PowerGrain is completely safe to use.
  • PowerGrain will increase the PH to 8.5 – 9.5, acting as its own rumen buffer, significantly reducing the risk of Acidosis.
  • PowerGrain allows you to feed higher levels of starch in a ration safely, improving feed efficiency.
  • PowerGrain will increase the Rumen Degradable Protein content of your grain reducing the need for additional, expensive and bought in feed.
  • PowerGrain breaks down the grain’s membrane allowing easy access to nutrients in the rumen.
  • PowerGrain eliminates the need for expensive grain driers.

Untreated grain is high in starch (carbohydrates) lower in protein and generally has a pH of between 5.5 – 6.5 High carbohydrate rations can reduce the rumen pH causing acidosis. Rumen microbes cannot process the available carbohydrates from the grain without Rumen Degradable Protein (RDP) and Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN), which is their food sourcing. Meaning Rumen Degradable Carbohydrates, RDP and NPN efficiency is directly linked.

PowerGrain treated grain is high in starch, higher in protein and has a pH of between 8.5 – 9.5. The increase in protein is Rumen Digestible, meaning the protein/carbohydrate balance is much more rumen friendly. This increases feed efficiency, and with its high pH value actually acts as its own rumen buffer. With the risk of acidosis greatly reduced, larger quantities of grain can be fed safely.

PowerGrain is made up of two components – PowerGrain Enzyme and PowerGrain Booster. Per 1 metric tonne of grain add 5kg PowerGrain Enzyme 15kg Booster.

For more information, please call: 01228 518860.