Product Spotlight – Nature’s Bounty, Chicken & Sweet Potato


We are proud to present our brand-new range of dog food which is flying off the shelves in our Country stores. The Chicken & Sweet Potato is just one of the seven flavours and types in the great Nature’s Bounty range.

Our delicious Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe is completely grain free and provides a high-quality protein source for easy digestion. Why grain free you ask? Well, our canine companions are naturally meat eaters and although their shapes, styles and temperament has changed dramatically since they were wild, their teeth and digestion system have remained much the same. Typically, their digestion system struggles with large proportions of cereals and continuous exposure to a high cereal diet has been associated with health issues such as allergies, obesity and behavioural problems.

Sweet potato is a unique vegetable as it is very low in starch compared to a traditional potato, has lots of vitamins and minerals and studies have found it can stabilise blood sugar levels. Combining this with fresh chicken and chicken meal ensures your dog is getting what it needs the simplest ingredients. Less time and energy digesting allow more time and energy for being a dog!

If you suspect your dog may have allergies/ intolerances or you have a very fussy dog, then pop into your local branch to get more in depth advice on how you may be able to combat this with the correct nutrition.

If you are changing your dog’s food, we recommend gradually introducing the new recipe over an 8 to 10-day period and within 6 weeks you should be able to see a difference. Don’t forget to consider not just the dogs’ food, but also his treats, as they can also contain large proportion of cereals and may impact the health of the dog and hamper the impact of a need grain-free food.

To see the complete range of Nature’s Bounty pop into a Carrs Billington Country Store today.