New Grass Seed Mixture – Mega Vigour 19

Brand new to the Carrs Billington range of grass seeds we bring you Mega Vigour 19.

  • Ideal for a 3 – 5 year forage break in an arable rotation to boost organic matter and soil ‘life’.
  • Flexible mixture that can be utilised by dairy, beef or sheep enterprises.
  • Available without clover for straightforward weed control however white clover can be added to gain from nitrogen fixation, protein increases and improved intakes, particularly where there is more emphasis on grazing.
  • The mixture has a 5 day heading date pattern meaning crops are uniform in their growth habit.
  • Grown down to 5-6OC soil temperature for extra spring and autumn yield.
  • Includes perennial ryegrass for persistency and ground cover.
  • All varieties yield 102% of control or above.
  • Seagoe and Boyne display massive first cut yields.
  • All varieties display a crown rust resistance score of 7.9 or over.
  • All varieties RGCL 2018/2019 recommended.

Mega Vigour 19 can be stitched in after those first cuts are removed to increase grass yields in the future.

A high input, high output mixture for intensive silage production with the option to graze.

  • Intensive cutting, up to four cuts per year with the option to graze
  • Designed for medium term rotations looking for 3 – 5 years of grass
  • Available clover free or with Ensign white clover blend

Mega Vigour 19 delivers you:

  • Hybrid ryegrasses grow to 5-6°C soil temperature and so will extend the growing season. Up to four cuts of high quality forage can be achieved or a mix of cutting and grazing throughout the season.
  • Yielding around 10% more than long term leys, Mega Vigour 19 can persist up to 5 years.

Where Mega Vigour 19 works:

Designed for those in a medium term rotation looking to maximise silage production with the option to graze when required. Designed for a first cut in Mid May. Extended shoulder growth suits growers able to utilise shoulder growth effectively through early grazing or silage.

For more information contact the Carrs Billington Forage Line on 0800 234416 or contact our Alex Law, Grass Seed Specialist on 07860 784904