Biomin 4-in-1 is not a seasonal bucket

Are you occasionally unsure which mineral bucket should be supplied at the different times of year, or for different periods in the development of your stock? Worry no more! Carrs Billington have a Biomin mineral bucket that contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that can be used for ewes and lambs throughout the year.

The Biomin 4-in1 bucket is a unique blend of vitamin and minerals with seaweed meal and plant XTRACT to balance forage, stimulate intake and enhance digestion of forage.  The special ingredient is XTRACT, proven to modify rumen fermentation and eating behaviour- boosting feed intakes, digestion and feed conversion rates.

  • Provides vital vitamins and minerals for lactating, dry, and pregnant ewes
  • Balanced mineral supply to support the pregnant ewe and unborn lamb
  • Zinc (feet & fertility) and phosphorous to improve energy, mobility, and fertility and ewe condition at tupping
  • Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt and Sulphur alongside Vitamin A, D3, E and B12 to support foetus development
  • XTRACT improves rumen function, Feed conversion rates, & reduces risk of acidosis
  • Phosphorous for essential for growth rates, and milk production

Biomin 4-in1 bucket is made up to:

Calcium 13.3% Phos 3% Zinc 5500mg/Kg


For more information on the Biomin range including 4-in-1 Ewe & Lamb, contact your Carrs Billington representative, or visit a store today.