Stabilising the Rumen

stabilising the rumen

Dairy cows will receive probably the most diverse range of feed types ever experienced following the summer of 2018. Stabilising the rumen is key to performance this winter and their are several ways in which the acid loading could be severely tested.

  1. Early first cut silages, which although dry and at first glance do not appear to be acidic, have significant rumen acid loading because of high levels of rapidly fermentable carbohydrate due to very young leafy grass being cut with low fibre and high sugar levels.
  2. Third cut silages are typically wetter with more lactic acid and low in fibre.
  3. Many farms, particularly in the Midlands and South of England because of grass shortages, have been forced to use a range of alternatives leading to diets with low levels of long fibre/physically effective NDF.
  4. Multiple diet changes in quick succession.

Using high digestible fibre concentrates can help but sometimes this is not enough on its own and cutting back on starch supply too far could significantly reduce yields and milk protein content. Carrs Billington can offer compounds and blends containing two ingredients, TechTonic and Actisaf, which have been proven to improve rumen function and stabilitily, leading to higher performance and better feed conversion efficiency (FCR).

TechTonic is a rumen stabiliser which has been researched and trialled for over 5 years in more than 40 dairy farms as well as independent research conducted by AFBI Northern Ireland. We have used it commercially for three years now and many farmers across our trading area have seen significant performance benefits from including TechTonic in the diet.




£30 million commitment to help farmers boost productivity

Further rounds of funding for the popular small grants scheme for farmers has been confirmed.

The government has committed £30 million for further rounds of the popular Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme (CPSGS), which helps farmers buy the equipment they need to boost productivity and increase yields.
The first round of funding for small grants was launched in February and the government is on course to grant more than £15 million to farmers who applied to buy new kit. This will include equipment specific to cattle, sheep and pig farmers, as well as precision farming and resource management equipment for arable farmers.

The next application window will open in early 2019, with over £30 million available for future funding rounds for farmers.
Environment Secretary Michael Gove made the announcement ahead of the Government’s Agri-Tech Investment roundtable in London on Thursday 11 October, hosted by DIT and attended by Defra, BEIS and DFID alongside investors including Bayer Crop Sciences, Elanco, Marine Harvest and Zoetis. Environment Secretary Michael Gove said: The UK is a world-leader for talent in agriculture and technology, so there are real opportunities for our burgeoning agri-tech sector. Harnessing technology enables our hard working farmers to become even more productive and environmentally efficient. We are already seeing the rewards of investing in agri-tech, with further funding of around £30m confirmed today for farmers to purchase hi-tech equipment. We know that by embracing technology – such as fruit ripeness spectrometers or calving detectors – farm businesses can become more efficient, productive and resilient.

Following industry feedback, new items have also been added to the list of equipment eligible for funding in the second round, including fruit ripeness spectrometers and nitrogen-measuring devices for calculating fertiliser application for crops.

Information about the scheme and the items eligible for the first round of funding are listed online. Further details will be published in early 2019 when the next round of funding opens for applications.


The current deadline is 3rd December, and includes grants in the following areas:

  • the use of robotic equipment to aid crop and livestock production
  • increasing the use of renewable energy produced on farm by improving energy storage and distribution
  • the use of LED wavelength controlled lighting to aid crop production
  • more efficient use of livestock slurries and manures, and digestate

The Improving farm productivity grant handbook can be found here.

Hustler SL360X in stock NOW!

The Hustler SL360X round bale feeder is now in stock for immediate delivery from our machinery depots.

The all new Hustler SL360X Round Bale Feeder is easier to use than any other type chain feeder on the market today.  It is also the most innovative, with 6 unique features you won’t find on any other bale feeder that makes it easier to use, more versatile, and saves your precious time. Recommended for farms feeding 50-800 bales each year, the self-loading 3-point linkage mounted feeder is suitable for feeding out all but the tightest of round bales and baled silage, loose silage, maize, fodder-beet and more…

  1. The Snaplox auto connect/disconnect hands-free loading system saves you time, saves you having to tug on a rope to disconnect, and saves you from twisting your back.  It’s fail-safe, fast and operates naturally.
  2. Toughest chain and floor bars on the market, is bullet-proof and lasts the entire life span of the feeder.  Super strong roller chains with the combined strength of 24,000lbs, with tough 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated bars. Bars are bolted to the chain, a stronger and more easily replaceable system.
  3. Tough new Thermoform fully enclosed polyethylene floor with covered drive shafts which eliminate wrapping.  It’s non corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. Fully enclosed – no wastage of expensive feed. Long bed can take 5ft bales.
  4. Low maintenance.  Just 4 grease nipples is all it takes to maintain the SL-360X round bale feeder, that’s because instead of bushes we use longer lasting, fully sealed block bearings, mounted outboard to keep them clean and free of damage from acidic silage juices. We’ve also added bearing covers which prevent debris from causing damage.
  5. Flexible design – do you operate in barns, outdoors, on steep country, with a tele-loader, supplement with loose silage or fodder beet?  With the flexible configuration of the SL-360X round bale unroller, your new feeder will suit all of the above.  No other feeder allows this level of flexibility which gives you peace of mind, should you want to change the way you operate.  You won’t need to change your feeder.
  6. The bolt on lower hitch mounts allows for the feeder to be off-set by 180mm in either direction, another unique feature that allows operators to distribute the feed closer to the head-bails and stock in barns eliminating double handling of the feed saving your time. The off-set feature works for both 3 point linkage and most loader mounts.










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Fendt 312 Profi special deal

There has never been a better time to get a Fendt 312.

Carrs Billington are offering an ON FARM PRICE of £75,000 + VAT on the PROFI spec 312 tractor.

The specification includes

  • 4 electronic spools
  • Cab & front axle suspension
  • 540/65R38 & 420/70R24 Trellebourg tyres110lt CCLS Hydraulics
  • 40KPH Vario transmission
  • 3 speed PTO
  • 0% Finance available.

An added bonus is that you can add the new Fendt 4X/75 Loaders at less than half price – only £3500 extra!


Many of our customers in the 120hp market have machines that only average 250-300 hours a year. The average hours for a tractor with loader is nearer 500 hours a year. If you want peace of mind and want more hours on your warranty we can increase it to a 8 year, 4,000 hour warranty.  This is great value at only £2,775 extra.  If you still think that 4,000 hours is insufficient we can take your warranty up to 8,000 hours/8 years.

We are flexible with the package, so if you are unsure how many hours you need, you can upgrade anytime while the tractor is still in warranty.

Contact your local depot for more information. Find our depots HERE:

Fendt 4X/75 Loader includes euro headstock, parallel lift, multi coupler & electronic joystick control.

To see stock of our used Fendt tractors follow the link USED TRACTORS,