Kuhn Venta 3030 in stock

Now available in stock we have the new Kuhn Venta 3030 seed drill.
The latest model in the Kuhn range offers 10-minute tool change! The tillage tools’ roller frame is equipped with a patented system which makes it easier to fit and remove the VENTA seed drill. Fast uncoupling allows you to work solo with the power harrow or to change tools.

KUHN has made the settings simpler so that your seeding is more precise:
– Personalised application rate adjustment with electric metering unit
– Centralised pressure adjustment of the covering harrow
– Seed application rate calibration button at the rear of the machine
– Centralised settings for quick and easy seeding depth adjustment

The VENTA 3030 integrated pneumatic seed drill is equipped with a SEEDFLEX coulter bar with double-offset discs for perfect furrow opening. The discs are parallelogram-mounted with a press wheel that controls the seeding depth of each unit with precision. The SEEDFLEX seeding units are adapted to different uses with 35 cm spacing between the front and rear row. They require no maintenance.

Contact your machinery depot for more information on the Venta 3030 and other Kuhn products.