Giving your pet great dog food is even easier!

Consumer awareness of the food we eat has never been better. We know the source of our food, how many miles it has travelled, and even the name of the animal! Sadly the same cannot be said for the food we provide our dogs daily. Often our loyal companion never questions what is in the bowl that is put before it each day. Perhaps it is time, as responsible pet owners, that we started to examine the quality of the meal or meat we buy. You might be way ahead of most dog owners, and already buy a great dog food for your best friend, and it has loads of energy, a shiny coat and general good health, well done. Others might want to give their dog the best, but can’t justify the expense, well, it is time for a change.
New from Carrs Billington, Nature’s Bounty is a high quality complete dog food for puppies, adult dogs or senior dogs that is full of high quality ingredients, designed to allow your pet to get the most out of life, but at a price that won’t break the bank! Made in the UK, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and completely natural, Nature’s Bounty is just what your dog needs. Choose from our gluten free, or grain free, hypo-allergenic diets. Ask in store today for more details.