Ensure your equine obtains the nutrition it needs.

Champion horse feed

The significant dry period we have been experiencing this summer has placed severe strain on the availability of grass for our horses, resulting in horse owners buying haylage and supplementing intakes. Your equine needs a range of grasses, herbs and shrubs to obtain the nutrition required for optimum health and an unbalanced diet can cause issues with hoof health, coat condition and general immunity. It is advised to provide a good quality balancer to ensure your horse gets sufficient essential vitamins & minerals.

Developed in conjunction with specialised equine nutritionists, Champion Horse Balancer is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to balance natural nutrient deficiencies in horses and ponies fed a forage only diet, or those fed less than the recommended cubes or mix ration. Containing high levels of Biotin, Zinc and Methionine to aid hoof support the Champion Horse Balancer is low in sugar, low starch and suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. The blend also contains live yeast for improved gut efficiency, Prebiotics MOS & FOS to support gut health and natural antioxidants to aid the immune system.

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