Molasses in the summer? – Buffer feed options.

As the dry weather continues and forage supplies remain tight – it would be worthwhile for farmers too seriously consider Carrs’ liquid feed range.

It’s critical that rumen efficiency is maintained, especially when forages are dry, or in short supply and grazing swards are not yielding as much as they should be. Ensuring sufficient sugar levels within the diet will help the rumen microbes break down all feeds within the rumen. Typically grazed grass will only contain 4% sugar and the optimum for dairy cows is between 5% to 7% depending on stage of lactation.

It’s important to fill the sugar gap, and that the correct form of sugar is provided. Six carbon sugars such as sucrose and glucose, found in feeds like molasses, sugar beet pulp, and good quality grazed grass are proven to be more beneficial to dairy cows than the five carbon sugars found in distillery products and wheat syrup
Buffer feeding with a ration designed to meet the cow’s various energy and protein demands will allow better production to be maintained through the summer even when grazing is poor. By definition, a buffer feed should fill the gap between the cow’s requirements and the variable supply of nutrients from grazing. It must be palatable and include starch, sugar, fibre and a balanced protein supply. Simply making grass silage available, can reduce grazing intakes and will not deliver what the cow requires. Sorting can be a problem when buffer feeding with cows selecting the more palatable ingredients and avoiding less palatable dry feeds such as straw and dry fibrous silage. Including a source of six carbon sugar, such as a molasses blend will ensure that the sugar gap is satisfied, improve rumen effectiveness and stimulate the digestion of the whole buffer feed

Feeding Carrs Stimolator will ensure that the sugar gap is satisfied, combining 30% sugars to stimulate fermentation and better rumen health and 18% protein allowing the rumen to breakdown more fibrous forages and whole crop. Stimolator has been shown to improve intakes, reduce sorting and enhance performance. The option of adding Fresh-Guard to all bulk molasses blends can be used to reduce rations heating in the trough and preserve the quality of the TMR leading to better performance and less wasted feed. You thought molasses blends were a winter feed………think again!