Grass growth slows but milk from grass rises

Average grass growth rates, as reported by Trouw Nutrition, slowed down to 54kg DM/ha/day last week. This is 26kg less than the same week last year. There was quite a range across GB, with the best average growth rates seen in Scotland at 59kg and the lowest in Yorkshire at 44kg.

Warmer temperatures and rain this week should improve growth significantly.

The average milk yield from grazing has risen to 14.5 litres/cow/day, well above last year’s figure of 11.6 litres. Most farms still have plenty of grass to offer the cows, despite growth rates slowing recently, and grass analysis is showing relatively high dry matters and energy content which will help both intakes and yield.

Average dry matter was 20%, although the range varied from 13% to 40%! Typical protein content was 21% and energy 12.3 MJ/kg DM.

Some farmers are reporting big drops in butterfat, particularly when turned onto grazing paddocks for the second time. Ask is about ButterMax 16 dairy cake to help with the butterfat content of your milk.