Alpaca and Camelid Feed

Camelids, such as alpacas and llamas, have a very efficient digestive system due to the longer retention time of digestion in the gut, compared with ‘conventional’ ruminants such as sheep and cattle. Forages can therefore provide the bulk of the major nutrients needed on a daily basis, but additional mineral supplementation will be needed to optimise health and performance.

Camelid Care Coarse Mix has been specifically formulated to contain no GM raw materials and to meet the needs of growing and adult camelids fed forage rich diets. Raw materials used are quality pelted materials – sugar beet pulp, heat feed nuts wheat, distillers dark grains and dried grass nuts, carefully blended with traditional coarse mix products – flaked peas and beans, citrus pulp and rolled oats and molasses and a unique customised mineral package to produce a 14% protein coarse mix. Mineral, trace element and vitamin levels are very high to ensure complete supplementation of the overall diet at the low daily feed rate.

Camelid Care Sprinkle on Minerals are specially formulated to improve the health and vitality of alpacas and llamas. Sprinkle daily on top of other feeds or a molassed chaff.