Carrs Billington
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Agrimin 24/7 Iodine Selenium Cobalt Boluses for Sheep 50's
Agrimin 24-7 for Sheep A sustained release bolus containing Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium supplying th..

Agrimin Smalltrace Bolus for Sheep 40's
Smalltrace Bolus for Sheep: Slow release bolus for sheep providing Copper, Cobalt,Selenium, Manganes..

Calciject 20CM Injection Solution for Sheep 400ml
Calciject 20 CMD is indicated in the treatment of hypocalcaemia complicated by deficiency of magnesi..

Carrs Billington Twin Lamb Drench
Twin Lamb Drench: Particularly useful for cattle or sheep when energy demands are high, especially i..

Carrs Billington Twin Lamb Formula 500ml
Twin Lamb Formula: A formula of rapidly absorbable energy coupled with essential vitamins and trace ..

Cobalt Selenium Vitamin B12 Drench
Cobalt Selenium Vitamin B12 Drench - Areas within the UK have land deficient in certain essential nu..

Coparods Copper Oxide Capsules
Coparods Copper oxide rods, a proportion of the administered copper oxide lodges in the abomasum of ..

Cosecure Nutritional Supplement for Sheep 10's
Giving Cosecure at flushing time supplements sheep at tupping and right through to lambing and beyon..

Dextrose Glucose 40% Injection 400ml
Presentation: A clear, sterile, aqueous solution for injection, containing Glucose (anhydrous) 40 % ..

Magniject Magnesium Sulphate for Cattle and Sheep 400ml
A clear solution for injection containing Magnesium Sulphate Ph Eur 25% w/v.Magniject is indicated i..

Ovithrive Sheep Supplement
Ovi-Thrive Sheep Supplementis a unique composition of AminoAcids, Chelated Trace Elements, Minerals,..

Ovithrive Sheep Supplement Plus Copper
Ovi-Thrive Plus Copper Sheep Supplement is a unique composition of AminoAcids, Chelated Trace Elemen..

Prorumen Nutritional Supplement 150gm
PRO-RUMEN is a nutritional supplement to assist in the establishment of microbacteria in the rumen a..

Rumbul Rumen Sheep/Calf Bullets 20's
A sustained release bolus containing an alloy of magnesium, copper and aluminium. Licenced to aid th..

Supervit Plus New Formula for Cattle and Sheep
Supervit Plus New Formula multivitamin and trace element drench for cattle and sheep of any age, con..