Which Winter Barley to Sow?

If you are looking for a feed variety, then Cassia is still very popular, giving excellent all round performance, just keep an eye on Mildew and Rhyncosporium. New candidate variety Glacier seems promising from trials, with a higher yield than Cassia especially in the East, however, it needs watching for Mildew.   For those preferring 6 row varieties, Volume stands out with high yield and good overall disease resistance. Meridian is also worthy of consideration. Several new malting varieties have shown promise in trials but Venture and Archer catch the eye for good proven all round performance.  
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  Soils in most areas are likely to be colder and wetter than normal this autumn therefore optimal establishment of winter barley will be more important than ever. Available phosphate (P) – whether combined drilled with the seed or broadcast – is essential to stimulate strong, rapid root growth in the first few days and weeks post-sowing. The availability of P will be compromised by the wet conditions, even in medium to high P soils. Carrs Billington can provide AVAIL protected P fertiliser for winter cereals. AVAIL uses tried and tested polymer technology to enhance the availability and uptake of P fertiliser to maximise early root growth and crop establishment.   Protecting phosphate with AVAIL enables the total crop requirement to be applied in the autumn. Carrs Billington recommends 17 units of P treated with AVAIL for every tonne of expected grain yield, based on a medium P soil, i.e. index 2 with an additional 25 units for soils at index 1 and 50 units for soils at index 0. For soils at index 3, apply a total of 30 units P per acre to compensate for cold, wet soils and to ensure optimum establishment.   Potash will also be important in establishment and improving winter hardiness.  

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