New NVZ Areas.

DEFRA update the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones every 4 years and details of the new proposed zones have just been released.

Around 58% of England is in a NVZ, under the new proposals some areas have been taken out of the zones but some new areas have been added. DEFRA are now writing to farmers notifying them if

Brand New Fuel Office Opened in time for New Year

Carrs Billington at Hexham has a brand new fuel office after their old one was flooded during Storm Desmond.

In addition to the new fuel office, Carrs has expanded the range in its country store on the Tyne Mills Industrial Estate in a bid to appeal more to the general public.

Branch manager Mark Tasker-Brown, who

Raw Material Market Update

So far Donald Trump’s election has had very little impact on the currency exchange rates, certainly nothing like the reaction that followed Brexit. This may change over time, when his policies become more definite but so far it’s business as usual.

Cereals seem to have found their value, at close to breakeven point for most arable producers.

Scottish Dairy Farmer of the Year Awards

Jimmy Goldie, Carrs Billington Ruminant Technical Manager, was the official assessor of the 2016 Scottish Dairy Farmer of the Year awards.

One of the most experienced and respected dairy specialists in the country, he awarded the prize to the Miller family of Trailflat Farm. Keith and Irene, together with sons Donald and David, showed outstanding attention

Low Milk Yields this Winter?


  1. Many herds on 2nd, 3rd and 4th cut silages are not performing to expectation.
  2. Cows on these silages are eating more than usual, possibly looking for more energy.
  3. These silages have low sugars and short of quickly fermentable and glucogenic energy.
  4. Many home grown cereals have poor bushel weights and are lower in energy and starch than usual.
  5. Underfeeding concentrates to cows this spring

Cows need full winter feeding now!

The latest weekly milk from grass figures produced by Trouw Nutrition show that the autumn grass flush is over. Growth rates have declined for the fifth consecutive week to only 42kg DM/ha.

On average cows are only achieving 5.5kg dry matter intake per day from forage which does not even provide enough energy for maintenance. Buffer feeding

Great End to a Great Campaign #Purplebales

Last night saw the celebration and recognition of some fantastic children at the WellChild awards.  The star studded evening saw support from the HRH Prince Harry, TV presenters Gaby Roslin and Dick & Dom along with Diversity and many more well-known ambassadors of the charity.  Performance from some of the cast of the West End musical, The

Winner announced in the fun Carrs Billington Agriculture competition to support WellChild

The Carrs Billington/Wellchild Purple Bale competition winners have been announced as James and Gayle Baty of North Acomb Farm, Stocksfield, Northumberland.  The winning picture from the Baty family had two year old Grace sitting on the display posing with the monsters. Their picture, posted in July, had the greatest number of likes on Facebook meaning the Northumberland farming

More Phosphorus in Grass Silages.

Thompson and Joseph have produced a summary of the mineral analyses from the 2016 grass silages tested so far this season.

Grass growth was very slow in March and April but exceptionally good in late May and June under perfect conditions of temperature and moisture. Phosphorus levels have increased again in 2016, in the last 7 years

Feeding for Lifetime Performance with Carrs Billington

The most valuable animals on a dairy farm are dairy heifer calves having on average the highest genetic merit of all females on a farm and a lifetime of production ahead of them.

New research has shown that the way calves and heifers are reared not only impact on the cost of rearing, their growth rate and