The ultimate nutrition for your sheep

the ultimate nutrition for your sheep from Carrs Billington


The demand for quality protein rises quickly during late pregnancy, driven by rapidly growing lambs. Microbial protein, produced in the rumen, is not enough.


Quality DUP (digestible, undegradable protein) that bypasses the rumen from sources such as AminoMax is vital to ensure healthy lamb birth weights and


Taken from “Over the Counter” magazine.


Based in Carlisle, Barry Bell is branch manager for Carrs Billington’s Carlisle and Penrith country stores, and the Appleby feed store. Strongly rooted in the farming community, the stores are stocking new product lines to encourage non-farming customers as well.


Describe a typical day:

“As branch manager with responsibility for two

Raw Material Market Update

We seem to be at a turning point in the raw material market, we’ve seen the end of a six month decline in cereal prices followed by quite a bounce. The bounce was caused by farmers storing grain rather than selling at very low prices, strong demand from the biofuels plants, possible winter weather issues in Eastern Europe

Top Ten Dry Cow Tips

1  Dry Matter Intake – aim for 11-12kg DM per cow per day


2 Diet presentation – ensure diet is well mixed and straw chopped to 2 inches (5cm)


3 Trough space- allow 0.9 – 1.0 m per head and 12m2 lying space


4 Length of

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Massey Ferguson 5610 completes expedition #BELIEVEINIT

After a gruelling 2500 km ice-journey, the Antarctica2 expedition team arrived with its MF 5610 tractor at the South Pole today. All are safe, well and in high spirits.


Immediately relaying the exciting news from the ice, the crew announced: “04.30 hours CET. This is December 9th, Camp 17. After 17 days and 2500 kilometres, we

Feeding dairy cows this winter

Some thoughts from Duncan Rose, Chief Technical Officer for Carrs Billington;


1) Grass silage is very variable but, in general, lower in energy and especially fermentable energy which will limit energy and protein supply to the cow from rumen fermentation.


2) On average wholecrop forage is pretty good this year with relatively high starch levels.



Farm Advice Reminder

Your Sheep and Goat Annual Inventory should be submitted on line or returned by December 31st. Remember to record the total number of animals on 1st December in you’re the Holding Register (SMR8)


On farm records (holding register)


All sheep and goat keepers are required to keep a record of the following information:

  • your holding details
  • tag replacements
  • all sheep

Fertiliser Prices

Fertiliser prices rising, buy early for the best deals this winter.


World Oil Prices have dipped over recent weeks so why do Nitrogen prices continue to increase? There are three main reasons


1) Gas supplies remain tight because exporting nations such as Russia have limited export to Manufacturing Countries thus reducing production. Supply has been resumed but

Britain’s Sexiest Farmer



Britain’s Sexiest Farmer 2014/15, could you fill these boots? The Original Muck Boot Company and Farmers Weekly are on the hunt again for Britain’s Sexiest Farmers.  One lovely lady and one charming chap will be awarded this accolade – winning two fantastic pairs of bespoke wellies and £100 worth of merchandise from The Original Muck Boot Company