Congratulations on Spring Show Successes.

Carrs Billington would like to congratulate John Smith-Jackson of Haltwhistle on his double Championship success this spring. On 8th March John won the Overall Championship at the Leyburn Spring Spectacular with a British Blue cross heifer She’s a Diamond. Previously a Champion at the Smithfield Calf Show and the Agri-Expo baby beef class she was sold for a £7300 to

Spring is Here – Summer Grazing Update

Grass growth is ahead of last year by around 2 weeks but wet conditions in the North West and Scotland have delayed what could have been and early turnout. Conditions are changing quickly this week.


The latest weekly Grass Watch analyses by Trouw Nutrition show the crude protein content of grass averaging 30%! Cows waste 75% of the protein they

Silage additives and preservatives that make a difference

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For over 50 years Perstorp have been helping farmers make quality silage.

They are now bringing that know-how to the UK




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Pro-Grain, Buffered Propionic Acid (MI700) Crimping and Silage

Cut Your Annual Fertiliser Costs with Slurry Plus

Up to 80% of nitrogen in slurry can be lost during storage and spreading.


SLURRY PLUS is an additive containing bacteria and enzymes which create the ideal environment in the slurry store to ensure valuable nutrients are retained and not broken down or lost into the atmosphere.


Treating slurry with SLURRY PLUS makes it easier to spread and it requires less

Cheaper Liquid Feeds this Summer, Call today for new prices.

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Cane molasses costs have fallen and Carrs Billington are pleased to offer a significant drop in the prices of our EziFlo range of liquid feeds from 1st May.


Call your local branch or customer services to secure a summer contract on 01228 518860 and protect yourself

0% Finance available on the Eco Lamb Feeder

The Eco Feeder provides low-labour feeding and ensure the healthy growth of the animals. They are extremely cost-efficient and affordable. With only one device you can feed up to 240 lambs reliably and safely.


The machines are very robust, since many of the components are based on components from Förster calf feeder technology, which has been tried and tested countless times over. At the

Making the Most of Your Paddock

The paddock is required to service a multitude of tasks. An area of play and exercise, as well as provide a large proportion of the horses feed.

The activity of horses is an important aspect influencing the quality of a pasture. They are full of energy and when the day starts many horses begin with running. This puts a lot of stress on the grass. Therefore,

Innovations in Agriculture



Carrs Billington, Innovations in Agriculture



In December Executive Television produced a programme called ‘Innovations in Agriculture’. It features Carrs Billington (along with two other agribusinesses), focussing on our innovative AminoMax protein products as well as our vision of UK agriculture and how the company has developed. Filming was done at various locations

Automatic Lamb Feeders

With generally larger flock sizes and ewes producing more lambs than she can carry, automatic lamb machines are increasing in popularity especially where labour is stretched.


At Carrs we sell two types of feeders – the Britmix feeder and the Forster Technic Eco feeder, The Britmix feeder will feed up to 100 lambs and the Eco feeder 200

Raw Material Market Update

Markets are tightening, there’s not enough rain in the right places and the funds are taking advantage of the political uncertainty in Ukraine to buy into maize, wheat and, to a lesser extent, soya.


There is also a lack of rain in Southern parts of the US Great Plains, Germany, Poland and Australia. It’s not a crisis at the moment