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Raising money for good causes


Carrs Billington would like to thank everyone involved with helping raise money for Breakthrough for Breast Cancer via the Pink Bale campaign. Collectively Carrs and our customers have been successful in raising just over £700. Thank you for your support.

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Good grazing for the time of year

Fine weather has helped grass growth rates to stay above average for the time of year but longer, colder nights mean that the dry matter content is falling and is now below 16%. Energy and protein levels in the weekly milk from grass figures, produced by Trouw Nutrition, are still good at 11.6 ME and 23% crude

New Hi-Bred Rye Varieties Perfect for Biogas Production

KWS Magnifico and Progas Hi-Bred Ryes can produce gas yields similar to maize in biodigesters.

Between 35 and 50t/ha are achievable and the straw is stiff with good standing power.

Very winter hardy

Effective in helping Blackgrass Control, the crop is so competitive and tillers out very aggressively.

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Protect your Suckler Cows with Megalix Quattro Mag.

Cold autumn mornings and stormy nights create stress in cows making them more vulnerable to staggers. Megalix Quattro Mag has four sources of magnesium giving the ultimate protection against grass staggers, they provide a phased release of magnesium which gives longer lasting cover. This product also contains high levels of zinc, selenium and other trace elements and vitamins to

Carrs Billington launch NEW calf milk replacer!

Carrs Creamy Calf, a high quality, high protein skimmed milk based replacer that allows the calf to realise its potential for early growth. The formulation has been specifically developed using:

• Carefully selected milk solids with maximum nutritional value

• Balanced blends of vegetable fats and oils, homogenized and emulsified for maximum digestibility

Ten ways to show our dairy farmers the milk of human kindness

LAST week I spoke to an 80-year-old farmer in my constituency who told me that in a lifetime of dairy farming he had never seen times as so bad. With farm gate milk prices falling 30 per cent in a year – in many cases below the cost of production – it’s far from an exaggeration.

Milk from Grass Holding Steady

Grass growth is slowing down with longer and cooler nights over the last week but the latest figures from Trouw nutrition show that, given good intakes, M + 8 litres is still achievable on average. The dry matter of grass has reduced down to 17.5% so be aware that for cows to eat 10kg grass dry matter they

Milk from Grass drops

Potential milk from grass has been unusually high in August but this has significantly reduced over the last week due to a combination of longer nights, lower dry matter following recent rain, lower energy and higher fibre. Average milk from grazed grass, as reported by Trouw Nutrition, is now down to 6 or 7 litres per

The Story of Milk

The RITCHIE Cosy Calf Pen available from Carrs Billington

The RITCHIE Cosy Calf Pen makes light work of housing calves from 3 weeks.


Lightweight high-density HDPE wall panels offer insulation whilst being easy to clean. The white UV protected PVC roof, with a ratchet for tightening, help keep the calves cool in direct sunlight and away from the elements in other weather.