Beef producers wanted for clamp silage project

Beef producers in England have been invited to get involved with an AHDB Beef and Lamb funded project on silage quality.

The project is looking for 20 beef producers to have their silage clamps assessed through next winter. The aim is to understand which practices, from clamping to feeding out have the biggest impact on quality.

Don’t leave second cut too late.

In the last week, we have been getting many phone calls about when to take second silage. The grass seems to be heading sooner relative to first cut than we would normally expect. Most farmers typically wait 6 weeks before taking second cut, or 5 weeks for those looking to produce very high D Value silage. This

Grass growth lifts but Milk from Grass Falls.

Humid weather and rain has seen grass growth lift to an average of 71kg DM/ha/day according to the latest weekly milk from grass figures produced by Trouw Nutrition.

The grass is wetter with a typical dry matter content of 16.4%. This reduces the daily potential dry matter intake for dairy cows and so it is calculated

Growing Grass for Anaerobic Digesters?

Predictions are that energy production from anaerobic digestion will double between now and 2020.

Barenbrug are undertaking a two year trial to assess the suitability of different grass varieties and mixtures for use in anaerobic digestion plants.

The trial plots were established in the autumn of 2014 and will run for two years. Plots of straight

Grass Growth Rates Fall

The latest weekly milk from grass figures, produced by Trouw Nutrition, show that grass growth rates fell to 65kg DM/ha last week. A fortnight ago they were at 100kg. Despite this most areas still have good grass availability and the average potential milk from grass is still around 15 litres per day.

Typical grass analysis is 18.6%

Paddock Management. Making a Difference for your Horse.

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A well-kept pasture provides the most natural and healthy environment for work, rest and play for our equine companions. Good grass growth offers the potential for areas to be closed off for hay/ haylage and reduce winter feed costs.

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Raw Material Market Update

A wet Argentinian harvest, signs of increased Chinese soya demand and rising crude oil prices are all putting pressure on oilseed meals, particularly hipro soya. In the last 6 weeks hipro soya meal has risen by over £100/t ex UK ports. There are also concerns that last year’s El Nino weather event will be followed by an El

Full Fat Dairy Keep You Healthy

The National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration recommend a diet low in refined carbohydrates but high in healthy fats as “an effective and safe approach for preventing weight gain and aiding weight loss”, which cuts the risk of heart disease.

Full Fat Dairy is likely to be protective say the authors. They say that

Grass Growth Accelerates.

The latest milk from grass growth figures from Trouw nutrition show that, across the country, grass growth averaged more than 100kg dry matter/ha/day last week. Watch out for grazing paddocks where the grass cover is too high to achieve good residual covers. If residual covers are too high when cows leave the pasture, the quality of future grazings

Big Improvement in Milk from Grass

Steadily rising temperatures and increasing availability of grazing has produced a big jump in the average milk from grass figures produced by Trouw Nutrition.

They suggest an average daily potential intake of 13.3kg dry matter, which at 12 ME and 21% crude protein, should support Maintenance plus 15.9 litres. As usual there is a very wide range