20% Extra Free; Megalix Quattro Mag

Carrs Billington is offering 20% Extra Free on 1 tonne orders of Megalix Quattro Mag from Monday 2nd March until Thursday 30th April 2015. Quattro Mag is a high magnesium tub with four sources of magnesium offering the ultimate in free-choice protection against grass staggers. Quattro Mag is available in 25KG and 80KG tubs, and is available with

Raw Material Market Update

The second half of the winter often brings supply issues as peak demand for cattle and sheep feed leaves little room for manoeuvre if raw material production is compromised. This is happening now as Ensus have shut down and Vivergo are experiencing engineering problems; because both biofuels plants have been running at full capacity for most of

Actisaf Farmpacks available from Carrs Billington

With pressure on farm margins, feeding Actisaf can help your customers improve the productivity and health of their animals, improving profitability.


Coming in easy to handle 25kg bags, each Actisaf Farmpack bag contains 500 doses of protected live yeast (50g per head per day), ready to add to dairy and beef TMR rations.



New trailed model of KC Bruiser 600 for mobile grain rolling


The KC Bruiser 600 will deliver a throughput of traditional, flat-rolled grain for home-grown cereal blends and crimping, at a rate of 7-20 tonnes per hour, depending on grain type and quality. Because of its smaller size, this model is suited to processing grain in more confined situations than the larger and higher capacity model

More production from your grassland?

Use Ecosyl from Carrs Billington.


Ecosyl is the world’s most proven silage additive and the UK’s best selling additive. Using Ecosyl will help:


  1. Improve silage fermentation and reduce the fermentation time in your clamp
  2. Maintain forage quality
  3. Improve silage intakes by 5%
  4. Reduce clamp losses
  5. Reduce secondary fermentation
  6. Reduce moulding and spoilage


Ecosyl has independent trial data showing increased livestock performance

What, No Sulphur?

Recent data from the British Survey of Fertiliser Practice shows that 47% of Arable land receives an adequate supply of Sulphur. However, the surprise is that no matter how much data and trial work has been circulated, only a mere 8% of Grassland receives adequate supplies of Sulphur from fertiliser.


For Grass to make True Protein, Magnesium,

Carrs Billington Announced as North Sheep Major Sponsor


Agricultural supplier Carrs Billington has been announced as the major sponsor for NSA North Sheep 2015, which is returning to Cumbria for the first time in more than five years.


North Sheep 2015, the sheep sector’s key biennial event will bring together competitions, demonstrations, seminars and around 200 trade stands at Neil and Sally Marston’s Millstone

Carrs Billington partnership with Kelvin Cave Ltd

Carrs Billington are at the forefront of innovation in supplying proven products and services for the farming community.


We are pleased to announce a partnership with Kelvin Cave Ltd, the UK’s foremost specialist in the development and supply of home-grown feed preservation and processing systems, to provide a range of effective silage preservatives and ensiling products, crimped and moist grain preservatives and

Help on the Farm: New date for student auction

Newton Rigg Agricultural Student Auction.

Penrith Auction Market Monday 2nd February 10:30am

(postponed from the 19th Jan)


  • Come and join us for this special charity auction. A chance to raise money for a vital charity, important to all rural businesses.


  • Place your bid to win a team of 3-5

If you are Cold – Put a Jacket On!

The use of calf jackets for young calves (between 1 day and 3 weeks old) is becoming increasingly popular and rightly so. Keeping calves warm in the first few weeks of life allows more efficient conversion of milk powder into growing the calves and helps keep them healthy.




 Many calf units can