Grass Growth Jumps

The rise in temperatures seen at the beginning of September has boosted grass growth in the last week. Dry matter is around 18%, which is good for the time of year, and average energy content is 11.78 ME with around 26% crude protein.


Don’t be tempted to take too much milk off autumn grazing as longer nights

Nustart for Carrs Billington calf milk replacer range



Modern dairy calves require feeding with higher levels of milk replacer to achieve their genetic potential and reach the target growth rates dairy farmers are looking for, in order to calve heifers at two years of age. Carrs Billington has now revised the feeding recommendations on our highly successful

Milk from Grass Good for the Time of Year

The weekly milk from grass figures from Trouw nutrition show that growth rates are holding up well, this is important for farmers wishing to build covers to ensure there is plenty of grazing for an early turnout next spring. The general target is to build a cover of 2800kg dry matter/Ha by the end of October.




NEW! The highest yielding wholecrop cereal, now available from Carrs Billington



KWS Hibrid Rye can be grown across the UK and outperforms both wheat and triticale when grown for wholecrop silage. Typical yields are between 35 and 45t/ha. This crop offers great potential for Biogas production as well as animal feed.




Sown in the autumn, this winter hardy crop will give you consistent performance. Harvest during the

Making the Most of Maize

Maize and Wholecrop cereals are very high energy crops that hold great feed value to the modern dairy cow. The value of these crops has been proven over many years and despite the growing/harvesting difficulties experienced in some years, they still are the most desirable forages to feed to the lactating cow to support high yields and boost milk quality.



Feeding Dairy Cows on this year’s forages

Winter Forage 2014


We are fast approaching the winter feeding season and many 1st cut silage clamps made in spring 2014 are now being opened. There is a wide range of silages made this season due to the variable weather conditions in May. National milk production is beginning to fall over the past few weeks. Milk quality is also

Butterfats are low

The dairies want more, cows produce less



What Causes Butterfat to Drop

Low forage dry matter intakes, especially mid summer grazing

Heat Stress

Grass high in unsaturated oil

Insufficient physically effective fibre

Highly digestible grass

Wet Grass

What can be done to Reduce the drop

Ensure sufficient forage intake, what is the grass availability

Carrs Billington acquire B E Williams

Carrs Billington has purchased the B E Williams Ltd feed merchant business based in Sennybridge, near Brecon in Powys. Elfed Williams, son Ben and the rest of the team have joined Carrs Billington and will continue to operate from the Sennybridge site.


Carrs Billington will supply the site with compound and blended feeds in both bags and bulk. These will be

Supplementation for optimum growth, fertility and health in sheep

We all want the best from our sheep, for the best results at tupping, the easiest of lambing’s and the best prices at market. The Carrs Billington team work with farmers to provide the most suitable feed blends, from the best ingredients to help your stock maintain their condition, but for much of the year you rely on the forage

Use the right silage additive for quality late cut forage.

Producers tend to have low expectations of late cut silages but that need not be the case, choosing the right additive can be the key.


Grass growth has slowed and sugar levels will fall as we move into autumn. Low sugar levels make the ensiling process more difficult because they lower the buffering capacity of the silage. Using an acid based