Cold Conditions Slow Grass Growth.

The latest weekly milk from grass figures produced by Trouw Nutrition show that on average cows are able to get M+9 litres from grazing. Grass growth rates are running below last year, thanks to cool temperatures over the last month and high winter rainfall having an impact on soil structure and ground conditions.

Profitable Feeding of Lambs this Spring

Exports are vital to British sheep farming; over a third of our lamb is exported each year, the majority of it to the Eurozone. At the end of March, one Euro is now worth 79p, which means that if you have 110 euros to spend on a lamb you can pay £86.90. During 2015 the Euro dropped to a low

Partnership Praise by Cumbrian College

A partnership between two well known Cumbrian organisations is helping to boost young people’s career prospects in the region’s agriculture and rural sectors.

Photo shows: Newton Rigg College students celebrating support received from Carrs Billington, left to right, Zak Shaw, Samuel Lodge, Alex Raynor, Tom Long, Andrew Hewat, Lewis Park, Jack Baldwyn,

Quality Silage – The opportunity to boost dairy farm profitability

The carryover from another wet and mild winter is likely to present many milk producers with significant challenges this silage-making season and all at a time when making the best quality conserved forage is so essential for optimum dairy farm efficiency. After all, it is the cheapest form of energy and protein on the farm.

Treat docks early this year

Perennial broad-leaved weeds like docks and nettles have started to emerge earlier than usual due to the relatively mild winter. This presents an ideal opportunity to get them sprayed.  Treating docks early in the season provides the grass the best chance of filling up the bare patches left by dying weeds well before cutting to

Creep feeding lambs

At a young age a lamb will convert feed at the rate of 3:1, so 300gms of feed will give you 100gms of live weight gain. This ratio decreases as the lamb matures to 5:1. It is crucial that any lamb creep feed is palatable, to encourage the animal from milk to solid feed. A

There is MORE to Fertiliser than NPK

According to the Defra fertiliser manual (June 2010), “grass grown for silage is particularly sensitive to sulphur deficiencies.”  We have had significant rainfall this winter and sulphur will be deficient on most land.  Sulphur improves nitrogen efficiency as well as helping in the formation of true proteins in grass.

Forage and grassland trials clearly show

New to the UK Market – Carrs Billington Bovi-Trace bolus

The key to success with bolus design is to ensure that as the bolus decreases in size over time in the rumen, that the amount of trace element released does not also reduce.  Unlike any other, the Bovi-Trace bolus features a honeycomb structure that enables a constant trace element supply throughout its life as the

Getting swards back into shape

Winter 2015/16 – if we can actually call it a winter – has seen record temperatures and rainfall across the UK, and the unseasonably mild and wet weather has had a dramatic effect on pastures.

The North West has been hit particularly hard. Heavy rainstorms have repeatedly battered the region, causing large scale flooding and putting huge

Carrs Billington Agriculture launches fun competition to support WellChild

If you see some crazy purple monsters appearing in fields around your area this Summer, it’s all because of a new partnership between WellChild and Carrs Billington Agriculture.

Zeus Packaging Group have given Carrs Billington the exclusive distribution rights of their Purple Silagewrap and Purple Netwrap in the UK. This is a part of a global