Fertiliser Update

Industry commentators are predicting fertiliser prices are set to rise between now and the spring of 2015. The main reason is the difficulties manufacturers are having in sourcing enough gas from Russia, which will impact negatively on production. In Egypt, a major source of urea nitrogen for Western Europe, the Government continues to fluctuate Gas supply, thus

Plenty of Reasons to Feed Molasses this Winter

Molasses have not dropped in price like other feed ingredients because of lower world production of sugar but there are still plenty of good reasons to feed Carrs Billington’s E-zi Flo range of liquid feeds this winter.


1) Cows need Sugar. High yielding cows ideally need 7% sugar in the diet and there are plenty


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  • There is a lot of poor quality autumn grass and mountains of mediocre silage nationwide.
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Grass growth rates decline

Some colder nights and reduced daylight hours are significantly reducing the potential milk from grass now we are into October, and many farms will not even be achieving maintenance from grazing. Before the rain this weekend, grass was still close to 20% dry matter, energy content was reasonable at 11.3 ME and crude protein at 23%.



Good service and reliability provides success

Working closely together with Krone to provide superior products and excellent service has resulted in success for UK distributor Carrs Billington


The company has a reputation for reliability, good customer service and fair dealing – attributes that were shared by the founder Jonathan Dodson Carr 180 years ago. As a provider of a vast range of

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Grass Growth Jumps

The rise in temperatures seen at the beginning of September has boosted grass growth in the last week. Dry matter is around 18%, which is good for the time of year, and average energy content is 11.78 ME with around 26% crude protein.


Don’t be tempted to take too much milk off autumn grazing as longer nights

Nustart for Carrs Billington calf milk replacer range



Modern dairy calves require feeding with higher levels of milk replacer to achieve their genetic potential and reach the target growth rates dairy farmers are looking for, in order to calve heifers at two years of age. Carrs Billington has now revised the feeding recommendations on our highly successful

Milk from Grass Good for the Time of Year

The weekly milk from grass figures from Trouw nutrition show that growth rates are holding up well, this is important for farmers wishing to build covers to ensure there is plenty of grazing for an early turnout next spring. The general target is to build a cover of 2800kg dry matter/Ha by the end of October.