Poultry Feeds Naturally Pure Layers Mash/Pellets (25kg bags)     Designed to help laying hens produce a plentiful supply of eggs that are of good size and shell strength, with excellent yolk colour and internal quality. Available in mash and pellets. Chick and Grower Feeds Use as part of a controlled feed programme to produce crops of young birds that grow healthily and are of even size. Baby Chick Crumbs (25kg bags) A high nutrient density feed that can be fed from day old up to 6/8 weeks, ensuring the chicks get off to an excellent start. Contains an approved coccidiostat. Grower Intensive Pellets (25kg bags) This diet will ensure that your birds continue to grow strongly from 8 weeks up to 18 weeks of age (point of lay). Contains an approved coccidiostat. Turkey Feeds A range of bagged feeds that will give your turkeys everything they need for rapid, healthy growth and produce a good quality eating bird for the table. All products are available in 25kg bags and the Starter Crumbs, Rearer and Grower pellets all contain an approved coccidiostat.  
  • Mastermeat Turkey Starter Crumbs. (0-4 weeks)
  • Mastermeat Turkey Rearer Pellets. (4-8 weeks)
  • Mastermeat Turkey Grower Pellets. (8-12 weeks)
  • Mastermeat Turkey Finisher Pellets. (12 weeks –slaughter)
    Our retail branches also stock Mixed Poultry Corn, a blend of wheat and maize and Poultry Grits. Flint or insoluable grits are for chicks, growers and hens to use as a grinding agent in the gizzard. Limestone and Oystershell grits ensure a good supply of Calcium, essential for laying hens. Mixed grits supply both varieties of grit in one bag. Game Feeds Game and Wildfowl feeds are generally not stocked at our branches but we can supply and deliver a wide range of products on request. Please contact your local branch for further details.