Carrs Billington provide THE Complete Dairy Package A comprehensive suite of products and services backed up by professional on farm advice to help dairy farmers meet their needs for profit, production efficiency and environmental impact.   Products : Compounds Blends Aminomax by-pass proteins Straights Moist feeds Calf milk replacer Calf and rearing feeds Minerals Supplements Protected fats Buffers Yeasts Mycotoxin binders   Services: Nutricycle - total nutrient management Soil Analysis Forage analysis Slurry analysis Metabolic profiles in conjunction with your local vet Ration programme Dairy costings Benchmarking Lactation graphs Production profiling Body Condition scoring Locomotion scoring Cow comfort scoring Faecal scoring Dairy Feeds   Dairy Compounds -"Feeds that deliver more EnerGy" Dairy farms in the UK have some of the most varied feeding systems, performance aspirations and feed types available in the world. Every farm is different and a comprehensive range of compounds to balance specific imbalances and deficiencies is vital. Carrs Billington's dairy compounds range from 15 to 25 % in protein with different rumen by pass protein fractions, a choice of energy density and energy source and G Factor. Glucose is vital to ensure good milk yields, cow health and fertility. Our diets are formulated to ensure that the cow can produce the optimum amount of glucose she needs. Diets from which a cow can generate a lot of glucose are high G Factor. We have 3 different vitamin and mineral packages available, depending upon your requirements, and other additives include protected fats, yeasts, organic trace elements and biotin. In summer the range is more biased towards lower protein products to complement diets based on or have part inclusion of grazed grass, whereas in winter there are a higher proportion of higher protein brands. "A feed for every need" - Whether you are looking to improve performance and or milk quality, reduce the risk of acidosis, increase forage intake, reduce nutrient wastage or want a product designed for robots / VMS and or out of parlour feeders we can help.   AminoMax-Pro is our preferred high DUP ( Digestible Undegradable Protein ) feed materials, manufactured using natural ingredients rather than being formaldehyde treated.   Transform is a specialist 22 % protein product for feeding to dry cows principally during the last 3 weeks of the dry cow period. All feed materials and ingredients used are screened for their quality, consistency, efficacy and stability and on delivery undergo a strict schedule of quality control checks. Dairy Blends - "Flexibility, quality and consistency" Every Carrs Billington blending facility has the flexibility to make whatever you want from the range of raw materials in stock - in other words a Bespoke Blend. There is a standard range of Ration Balancer Blends for use in feeder wagons or to be fed as a mid day feed. These have a wide choice of protein and energy levels but a Bespoke Blend can give you more precision with no extra manufacturing cost. Nutty Blends are made with various nuts and pellets to suit parlour and out of parlour feeders where less meal and dust is required. The raw materials purchased and blends produced undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control procedures as if manufactured in one of our feed mills which is a major advantage over using straights that can vary considerably from load to load.