Specialist Mixtures, Blends and Straights Carrs Billington is able to offer a unique and extensive range of specialist mixtures, custom mixes, blends and straight feeds for all classes of livestock. These products are versatile, with the ability to serve as the main concentrate part of the diet or as a supplement to other feeds such as home-grown cereals. Nutritional advice is always available to help obtain the best solution for your farm. Customised/Special Mixes are prepared to the customer’s own specification and available on request. These can very easily be altered on demand to suit changing circumstances on farm. Specialist and Pedigree Coarse Mixes These range from starter calf and lamb mixes, designed for feeding from birth, right through to Bull and Tup X mixtures for pedigree stock in the last few weeks before show and sale. The Champion range of coarse mixes has been formulated to give precision nutrition to pedigree and show stock throughout their life. Only ingredients of the very highest nutritional quality are used to maximise muscle growth but also ensure excellent health and vitality. Slower digested starch sources such as rolled oats and maize products give good fleshing without digestive upsets and they are balanced by quality digestible fibre sources e.g sugar beet pulp. Users of the Champion range have enjoyed outstanding success in the show ring over recent years. Try some today. Traditional Flakey Mixtures The high quality raw materials used in our Flakey mixes ensures excellent on-farm performance and their versatility has made them a popular choice by many of our customers. The range covers all stock types and includes the ever popular Flakey Lamb and Flakey Calf. Ration Balancer Blends As their name suggests, these products are used to balance home grown feeds for all types of stock. They can be supplied with or without minerals/vitamins depending upon your needs. They are manufactured from quality raw materials and the mealy nature of these products allows them to mix well with silages and reduces the ability of stock to select them out of a complete mix. A very popular range with users of mixer/feeder wagons. Traditional Nutty Mix The “nutty” range of specialist mixes are formulated from pelleted ingredients such as Sugar Beet Pulp, Distillers nuts, Wheatfeed etc. The range caters from all classes of stock from dairy cows through to lambs. The mixes are lightly molassed to ensure excellent palatability. Nutty mixes are free flowing and suitable for to be fed in most parlours and outside troughs with minimal wastage. Straights. We are able to offer straight concentrate feeds and moist feeds on a spot or forward order basis. Call our trading desk on 01228 518860