Feeds & Blends

Carrs Billington, Manufacturers of Compound Feeds and Specialist Blends and Mixtures Feed Manufacturing Ruminant compound feeds are produced at three “state of the art” mills; Carlisle in Cumbria, Lancaster in Lancashire and Stone in Staffordshire. We deliver products in bags and bulk to farms in England that are north of the M4, Wales and Scotland. Specialist mixtures and blends are manufactured at Kirkbride in Cumbria, Lancaster, G Owens & Sons at Newtown,  A.B Nutrition Ltd at Northwich and Llanboidy Blended Feeds Ltd at Carmarthen. Our exclusive range of AminoMax protected proteins are manufactured in Lancaster. All our production facilities are approved under the AIC Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standards. All our sites have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Study in place to ensure that the feed safety of all our products is maintained.   Traceability All farm assurance schemes demand a full and comprehensive system of traceability with which to assure retailers and consumers of a quality process. Carrs Billington's quality management system enables us to provide full traceability on each delivery of feed.   Formulation Our team of experienced nutritionists and formulators produce a range of well proven diets to ensure that there is a brand to meet every customers needs and requirements. We take into account; Changing food production systems Animal welfare The requirements of the human food chain Economics of livestock production The genetic potential of modern livestock The availability and variety of other feeds such as forage New advances in nutritional knowledge   Sales Outlets Our feeds are sold through our network of 26 Country Stores and local teams of professional nutritionists and sales staff, who provide on-farm support and a wide range of services.   Click here to locate your nearest Carrs Billington Country Store